Buffalo Bills: 5 keys to victory vs. Denver Broncos in Week 10

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
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2.) Get more involvement from Deonte Harty

When the Bills brought in Deonte Harty in free agency, he was the replacement for Isaiah McKenzie but Harty could stretch the field with his speed. That has not been the case up to this point. He has just 13 carries for 113 yards and one touchdown on the year. His targets have gone down each week and his big statistical game took place in Week 5 with 2 catches for 62 yards. Aside from that, Harty is lucky if he gets two passes thrown his way in a game.

His quickness that he can bring to the passing game can serve as a Cole Beasley type of player, where if the offense just needs a few yards to move the chains, Harty can provide that impact. Obviously that has not been the case with tight end Dalton Kincaid taking on that role, but the Bills need to get other weapons involved, including Harty. Brandon Beane had mentioned that the Bills are still trying to figure out their identity, maybe getting other fast weapons involved can help speed up that process.