Buffalo Bills: 5 key matchups vs. New York Jets in Week 11

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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1.) Josh Allen vs. himself

It has been a rough stretch for the Bills’ offense and it has all been starting with Josh Allen. He has had at least one interception in the last six games and currently leads the NFL in interceptions with 11 this season.

Allen does not look like himself this year. Was it because of the playcalling by now former offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey? Is it because of the shoulder injury that the Bills have been careful with since Week 5? Or how about the fact that Allen is not a big contributor in the run game like he once was? Whatever the reason might be, Allen does not look like a top tier quarterback this year.

The Bills’ offense will be a must-see unit to watch this week as the transition from Dorsey to Brady will be set in stone for the rest of the season. However, Allen will need to be the one that produces. He needs to not be limited and trust his instincts in regards to scrambling out of the pocket and using his legs rather than trying to force a throw into double or even triple coverage.

The last time Allen played against the Jets’ he turned the ball over 4 times and was sacked 5 times. If the Bills want any chance to crawl their way back up into the playoff picture, Allen will have to be the one that leads them there.