Buffalo Bills: 5 impressive stats in Week 4 victory over Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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1.) Bills punted on 2 drives out of a possible 12 drives

The Bills had the ball on 12 drives with two of them being kneel downs to end the first half and the game. So, on 10 true drives, the Bills only punted twice, once in each half.

The Dolphins did not have the best defense coming into this game, but the fact that they allowed Buffalo to run and throw the ball all over them made it an easy day for Josh Allen and the offense. It also helps that there were no turnovers forced by Miami. 

The Buffalo offense went on to score six touchdowns (three to Stefon Diggs), and 2 field goals by Tyler Bass (from 53 & 33 yards out). The Bills have scored 30+ points in their last three games now, and put up over 40 points against the Dolphins. They now lead the league in point differential at +84, which shows the rest of the NFL that the Bills are here and they are for real.