Buffalo Bills: 5 impressive headlines from Week 15 win vs. Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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3.) Cowboys’ offense didn’t score a touchdown until the 4th quarter

In their last five games, the Cowboys have been averaging over 40 points a game and they were going to take on a Bills defense that may not be a top unit, but they do play great situational football. The Bills’ defense made the Cowboys’ offense look like a joke right from the start and the story never changed. The Cowboys had just one touchdown in this game and it didn’t come until the fourth quarter off of a CeeDee Lamb rushing touchdown.

When a defense is able to get a powerful offense off the field, they create momentum for themselves and their offense. That is what the defense did for Allen and the Buffalo offense. As the game continued on, the Bills needed to keep their foot on the gas petal and not let Dallas crawl their way back into the game. They played shut down defense and ultimately dominated Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense.