Buffalo Bills: 5 free agents in 2024 who could replace Gabe Davis

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Buffalo Bills / Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Chase Claypool

If the Buffalo Bills want to add a wide receiver with Mike Evans' size, then Chase Claypool could be the wide receiver to replace Gabe Davis. Claypool was a second round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020 and is 6'4" and 238 pounds.

He was very productive as a rookie with 62 receptions, 873 receiving yards, and nine receiving touchdowns. However, he has struggled to perform at a similar level recently and the Steelers traded Claypool midway through last season.

The Chicago Bears struggled to move the ball through the air and he would have 14 receptions, 140 receiving yards in seven games. The news hasn't gotten any better this offseason as the Bears are reportedly unhappy with Claypool and he is viewed as a player that is "not somebody who is very self-motivated".

If Claypool struggles again, he could be a bargain for the Buffalo Bills as he is still young at only 25 years old next offseason. He also would have Josh Allen throwing him the ball, who is probably the best quarterback he would have in his NFL career.