Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions for Week 7 against Patriots

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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4.) Josh Allen rushes for 50+ yards

Bill Belichick has a history of taking away an opposing team’s strength and in this case, Josh Allen is the strength of the Buffalo offense. If the Bills are able to cover wideout Stefon Diggs the way that they have been able to cover other receivers this year, Diggs may not have the game that he is used to having this season.

The most yards that the Patriots have given up this year to a team’s number one option was 79 yards to AJ Brown in Week 1. While the Bills have gone away from getting Allen directly involved in the running game, Allen could see the field more and get some opportunities to use his legs to make a play. 

In only two games against the Patriots, Allen has rushed for 50 yards or more. If James Cook and Latavius Murray can’t get past the line of scrimmage or get into the open field, Allen could be utilized in the run attack which is something that has not been common this season.