Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions for Week 7 against Patriots

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Before the Buffalo Bills begin the tougher part of their schedule going into November, they will have the opportunity to boost their confidence this Sunday in Foxborough, MA. This is not to say that this game against the New England Patriots will be a cakewalk, but New England is in shambles and are closer to the first overall pick through six weeks rather than playoff contention.

Even though the Bills have had a rough two weeks on offense, and injuries on the defense, they are in a much better position that New England. There is speculation that Bill Belichick may not be in New England after this season, Mac Jones is playing like arguably the worst quarterback in the league, and two of New England's top defensive players are out for a good amount of the season if not all of it (Matthew Judon and Christian Gonzalez).

For the past three seasons, the Bills have won 6 games out of 7 meetings with the Patriots (including a wild card playoff game). They will look to extend that to 7 total wins since 2020, and this might be the weakest Patriots team they have faced since the division went from New England's to Buffalo's.

Here are the five bold predictions for the Buffalo Bills' Week 7 matchup.