Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions for Week 6 vs. New York Giants

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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5.) Buffalo Bills keep the Giants scoreless in the first half

The New York Giants have been a horrendous team all year long, posting a -91 point differential through five games and have a bottom of the barrel offense and defense. This season, the Giants have only managed to put up 62 total points, which ranks 31st in the league only ahead of the New England Patriots.

In just the first halves of the first five games, the Giants have managed to put up only 19 points at the end of the second quarter. The first two weeks, they were shut out in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals. They had their most first half points against the Miami Dolphins with 10 points. 

The Bills on the other hand have not only scored 88 points in first halves this season, but they have only allowed 38 total points in the first half (14 points being the most given up to Miami). While the Bills are down bad on the defense, lets not forget that Sean McDermott runs the defense and has the defensive background to set the unit up to succeed. Not to mention, he is facing Daniel Jones who is amongst one of the worst quarterbacks this season. 

If the Bills are able to go up big and early in the first half, it should force the Giants to abandon their gameplan and try to force plays that could backfire on them.