Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions for Week 17 vs. New England Patriots

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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5.) Bills protect the ball, commit no turnovers

This is arguably the biggest bold prediction as the Bills have only had three games where they did not commit a turnover. In Week 14 against the Dallas Cowboys, the Bills managed to protect the ball and not throw an interception or fumble the ball on offense. That changed last week against the Chargers as Josh Allen threw an interception and both Deonte Harty and James Cook each lost a fumble that were recovered by the Chargers.

Bill Belichick’s speciality is playing towards the ball and forcing turnovers. The Patriots’ defense has forced 5 turnovers in their last three games and have only had four games this season where they did not force a turnover. The Bills have done a much better job at protecting the ball since Week 11. Under Ken Dorsey, the Bills had 6 games for 2+ turnovers. Since the transition to Joe Brady, the Bills have only had 5 turnovers total (3 last week against the Chargers).