Buffalo Bills: 5 bold predictions vs. Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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2.) The Bills’ offense does not commit a turnover

One of the headlines for not necessarily the Buffalo Bills, but more so quarterback Josh Allen is his turnovers. Currently, he has a consecutive seven game interception streak heading into this week. The only reason why he threw a pick last week was because of an attempted hail mary pass last week at the end of the first half (that had the potential to be returned for a touchdown at one point during the play). Since Week 5, the Buffalo offense has turned the ball over 14 times,

The Bills will need to play smart and not make careless mistakes. This includes being smart with the football and not allowing the Eagles’ defense to attack the ball. All it takes is one play to change the momentum of a game. Buffalo has been on the end where they get the bad luck. Going against this Eagles’ team, the Bills will have to play perfect in order to compete for all four quarters.