Buffalo Bills: 4 under-the-radar players to watch against Steelers

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Siran Neal

The final player that could have a big role on Monday that might be under-the-radar is Siran Neal. He is a big part of the special teams unit as he has played 80% of the special team snaps this season.

One of the reasons I chose Neal is that the Steelers have a good punt returner in Calvin Austin, who is very quick and can change field position in a blink of an eye. Last week against the Ravens, Austin had five punt returns for 92 yards and an average of 18.4 yards per return.

There is going to be multiple pieces to the punt coverage for this game and Sam Martin will be a key part of that to ensure he isn't over-kicking the coverage that gives Austin a chance to catch the ball and get set up for a return. However, Neal will also be a key part of that to make sure if he has a chance at a tackle that he doesn't let Austin get loose and make a big play.