Buffalo Bills: 4 under-the-radar players who need big games in Week 15

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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Latavius Murray

The Buffalo Bills are going to want to establish the run and extend drives when on offense as the Cowboys' offense has been pretty much unstoppable when on the field. If the Bills can lean on the run game, it will shorten the game and hopefully keep the game close.

While James Cook will have a big role in that, Latavius Murray is another running back who will play a pivotal role in establishing the run. The veteran running back had only three rushing attempts last week against the Chiefs but the three games prior averaged over nine rushing attempts per game and 44 rushing yards.

He should get close to that this week as the coaching staff tries to keep all the running backs fresh, the reason Murray in particular is on this list is because of his blitz pickup. Murray is the best running back the Bills have at that and in a week against Micah Parsons, he should play a role in slowing him down.