Buffalo Bills: 4 under-the-radar players who need big games in Week 15

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills once again find themselves in a high-stakes game against a very good team in the Dallas Cowboys. After coming up short against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12, the Bills were able to pull out the win against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 13.

The margin of error is going to be very small this week against the Cowboys in a game that could drastically improve their playoff chances with a win. While the pressure will be on the stars, like Josh Allen, these are four under-the-radar players that could have a big impact on the outcome.

4 under-the-radar Buffalo Bills who need big games against the Dallas Cowboys

Sam Martin

The first player on this list is one that hopefully doesn't have to step on the field for his primary duties in punter Sam Martin. The goal for the Bills is to not have to punt at all against the Dallas Cowboys but if they do, Martin could be a key factor in the field position battle.

The Cowboys offense is good but there isn't any offense in the NFL that can consistently go the length of the field against this defense to score. If the Buffalo Bills can pin the Cowboys deep, it will help the defense and give them the best chance to keep Dallas off the scoreboard.

In the past two games, Martin has had four punts in each game with very different results with only one punt being downed inside the 20 yard line against the Chiefs. However, against the Eagles he had three of his four downed inside the 20 and this helped the Bills early in that game.