Buffalo Bills: 4 ripple effects of Brandon Shell retiring

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4.) There is an extra open roster spot

The final 53-player roster is coming sooner than later and with Shell set to not play this season for the Bills, this leaves an open roster spot for someone on the Bills. It depends on what the coaching staff values the most at each position.

Could they bring on an extra receiver or defensive back? Or even bring on five defensive tackles rather than four? With this spot set to be open, this should motivate players who may not have been a lock to make the final roster to really shine now in these next two preseason games. 

3.) Potential free agent signing

While this spot may more than likely go to a current player on the roster, never rule out the possibility of the Bills making a really late free agent signing right before the start of the season. Two players that come to mind that are current free agents who could somehow benefit the Bills are linebacker Anthony Barr and running back Leonard Fournette.

Barr could step into the rotation at the linebacker position with Tyrel Dodson and Terrel Bernard, and Fournette could be a perfect downhill back should an unexpected injury occur in the running back room.