Buffalo Bills: 4 ripple effects of Brandon Shell retiring

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
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Per Joe Buscaglia, offensive tackle Brandon Shell, who signed with the Buffalo Bills this past offseason, intends to retire from the NFL. He was signed to a one-year deal with the Bills for the right tackle position, and at one point was even considered as competition with Spencer Brown who has struggled the last two seasons with the team.

Shell was drafted by the New York Jets in 2016 in the fifth round, before playing with the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins. With this move happening, this could leave the Bills with different options they can explore, but on the other hand, it also limits them in some aspects on offense. 

Retiring two months after signing with the team is never ideal for the team, but atleast it’s better than retiring at halftime in the regular season….

Moving forward, here are four ripple effects for the Buffalo Bills due to the retirement from Shell.