4 remarkable stats from Buffalo Bills Week 15 over Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Dak Prescott averages only 3.9 yards per attempt

Dak Prescott would finish the game with 134 passing yards and is easily the fewest passing yards the Cowboys quarterback has had this season. It was also the first game since Week 1 that Prescott did not have a passing touchdown.

However, the stat that highlights the performance of the defense was 3.9 yards per pass attempt as it took Prescott 34 pass attempts to generate those 134 yards. The Cowboys career average is 7.6 yards per pass attempt and the Bills almost cut that in half this week.

There has been only one other game in Prescott's 110 career games which he had an average below four, which was in the regular season finale last year when he threw for 128 yards on 37 pass attempts for an average of 3.46 yards per attempt.

The Cowboys receivers were not able to get much room to operate in this game as CeeDee Lamb had fewer than 60 receiving yards and Jake Ferguson was under 50 yards. There wasn't another receiver who had more than 15 receiving yards.