Buffalo Bills: 4 reasons why James Cook will have breakout season in 2023

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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Reason Number 1: James Cook's Receiving Ability

In today's NFL, not many running backs are going to get many attempts on the ground, let alone touches in general. Although, there are some running backs that have the ability to receive the ball behind and beyond the line of scrimmage, and James Cook showcased that.

Cook has the ability to catch the ball cleanly and move up field in an instant, as well as run routes like a receiver and help spread out the defense. During his time in Georiga, he's been used as a receiver for the majority of times he has been on the field.

Obviously, this is a useful skill set to have as a runningback in the NFL, especially with a pass-heavy offense like the Bills, who would probably plan on using Cook's receiving ability in his second tenure with the Bills in 2023.