Buffalo Bills: 4 positives to take away from Week 7 against the Patriots

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Most of the Bills' starters are very young and improving

Terell Bernard, Christain Benford, Dorian Williams, Gregory Rousseau, Dalton Kincaid, Khalil Shakir, O'Cyrus Torrence, and James Cook. All of those players listed are under 25 years old and first-year starters. There's no real excuse as to why some of the players listed have been playing poorly, but the experience goes a long way, especially in the NFL.

It takes time for younger players to pick up NFL concepts and get used to certain schemes. Most fans saw that with Terell Bernard improving dramatically after the Jets game. Cook also backed up Singletary last season, started getting more reps, and became a weapon for the offense. Cook would even finish his rookie season with almost 6 yards-per-carry.

Not to mention, Kincaid also had his best NFL game so far as a receiver, which is something to be excited about when developing another weapon. Getting Kincaid more involved is going to be very important down the second half of the season, especailly with Dawson Knox out for surgery.

Young, struggling players like Benford, Williams, and Torrence can also improve throughout the season, just like most other NFL players. It just goes to how much these players can develop with the Bills coaching staff.

Players will always hold themselves accountable to an extent and will try to learn from their mistakes and correct them throughout the season. There may be some dramatic improvements from these players and help this Bills team get back to what they're supposed to be by the end of the regular season.

Also, for some fans who will think it's too late, remember who the quarterback is. There's always a chance to win when Allen's in the backfield.