Buffalo Bills: 4 key matchups for Wild Card Weekend against the Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills Offensive line vs. Steelers defensive line

The Steelers have already ruled out their star pass-rusher T.J. Watt, which is a huge loss for the Steelers, as he's not just their best defensive player but probably the team's best player overall. Watt's absence should make the Bills' pass protection a lot easier and give Josh Allen time in the pocket, but in the NFL, not everything is that simple, especially with the other players on the Steelers' defensive line.

The Steelers still have players like Alex Highsmith and Cameron Heyward, both disruptive players to watch out for. Highsmith has proven to be a worthy player to gameplan for, as he can cause some disruption within an offense. Heyward has been an elite player for most of his career, although he's been limited this year, playing in only 11 games and recording just two sacks this season but has recorded six TFLs.