Buffalo Bills: 4 key matchups for Wild Card Weekend against the Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills did it, they did what everyone thought they couldn't do. The team had their backs against the wall and couldn't afford to lose another game, but they went on a run and secured the two-seed in the AFC. 

With the Bills being the two-seed, they can host almost every playoff game until the Superbowl, but that doesn't make these games a gimmie either. We're in the playoffs, and teams will play the best of the best, even if things look more favorable on paper.

The Bills will be facing a scrappy Pittsburgh Steelers team, where on paper, shouldn't be anywhere near a playoff game, but the Bills have also barely won four of their last five games as well, so don't fully expect this game for the Bills to be a cakewalk.

The Steelers have a very scrappy and disruptive defense that has been the reason why they've made the post-season, and there are many matchups within the Bills' offensive side that they need to win if they want to take control of this game.