Buffalo Bills: 4 fringe players who could surprise and make the team

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Shane Ray might surprise and make the Buffalo Bills 2023 roster

Once again, the Bills' pass rush needs another guy to step up next to Rousseau while Miller is out. Shane Ray was a surprise signing by the Bills, this offseason, but as a former first-round pick, he's proven he has superior talent in the past.

After a series of injuries derailed his NFL career, Ray made his way to the CFL to try and make a comeback. Now getting an opportunity with the Bills, Ray is still just 29 years old. If health is on his side, he has plenty of football left in him. It's an unlikely story, but there's a chance that Ray is the one who fills out the depth chart and gives Buffalo another rotational rusher.

Let's not forget, Ray won a Super Bowl as a rookie with Von Miller back with the Denver Broncos. Those two have a relationship. How much of a full-circle moment would it be if Ray made a comeback in Buffalo, only to help ease the pain of the Bills losing Miller for an extended period of time?

The former Missouri standout has 14.0 career sacks, with 8.0 of those coming back in 2016 during his best pro season in Denver.