Buffalo Bills: 4 former notable draft picks whose NFL career is probably over

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Buffalo Bills tight end - Tommy Sweeney (2019 - 2022)

The seventh round is typically when depth options are signed, and Tommy Sweeney fits that mold for the Bills. Nothing was athletically impressive about Sweeney, yet he was a reliable tight end for Boston College and, at the time, became the first tight end to get drafted out of Boston College since 2004.

Sweeney was mostly a third-stringer during his tenure with Buffalo. He was listed as inactive but occasionally was activated, due to an injured Bills tight end. He did get a couple of opportunities to start in 2022 when Dawson Knox was injured later in the season, and Sweeny's only other competition was a rookie, Quinten Morris. He didn't do much in those games against the Patriots and the Jets. As a blocking tight end in the NFL, you will be easily replaceable as the league has evolved over the years

Sweeney has not stepped on an NFL field since December of 2022. However, he is currently with the Bears, fighting for a spot on the roster. The Bears have Cole Kmet and Gerald Everett locked in as the top two tight ends and possibly Mercedes Lewis as the third. So there's a minimal chance that he can earn a spot on the roster or even make a roster again.