Buffalo Bills: 4 extensions to work on after Ed Oliver's deal

Micah Hyde, Buffalo Bills
Micah Hyde, Buffalo Bills / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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Micah Hyde

The Buffalo Bills this offseason were expected to lose Jordan Poyer, who had been a starting safety for the past six seasons. He was a key part of the defense alongside Micah Hyde during that stretch and entering free agency was expected to get a bigger contract than Buffalo could afford.

The market for Jordan Poyer didn't materialize as expected and he returned to the Bills on a two-year deal. He is now under contract through the 2024 season and the Bills should now look to extend the other half of their starting safety duo.

Micah Hyde joined the Bills the same year as Poyer and has been a starter right alongside him since 2017. He has been named second-team All-Pro twice and made one Pro Bowl with the Bills. This past season, the Bills were without Hyde for the majority of the season after a neck injury in Week 2 and his absence was notable in this secondary.

It would make sense to try and get the contracts to align for their starting safeties so a one-year extension for Micah Hyde seems like a no-brainer at this point.