Buffalo Bills: 3 ways the offense can bounce back after 2 sluggish weeks

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Let Josh Allen play to his strengths

Dorsey has already touched on the fact that he wants Allen to convert into more of a pocket passer, which is understandable. 

However, throughout some games, especially the Giants game, it seems that Allen was scared to run at some points, which is very unusual for Allen, as he usually loves to run and take hits. There were times when Allen could've had the option to take the ball upon himself and scramble for yards but decided to throw it to the ground or force a pass into a tight window.

There was also a play during the game where Allen would scramble to his left and pump fake the ball three different times, rather than just taking off with the ball and trying to get more yardage.

This area of Allen's game is dangerous for any quarterback, but taking that part of the game away from him means that other players have to step up in the running aspect of the game, which is confusing why Dorsey doesn't commit to running the ball more, especially when the running game is effective.

Hopefully, all of this is a wake-up call for the offense to make some adjustments and be back to what they were from weeks 2-4. The Bills offense will look to bounce back again against the Patriots on Sunday in New England.