Buffalo Bills: 3 ways the offense can bounce back after 2 sluggish weeks

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Draw up plays for other Buffalo Bills in the receiving game

Stefon Diggs is having a great season so far, recording 49 receptions off 69 targets for 620 yards and 5 touchdowns. However, it can get unhealthy if one player is targeted too much. The second leading receiver is Gabe Davis, who has 28 fewer receptions than Diggs with 21, and 36 fewer targets than Diggs with 30.

The Bills are starting to get back into their old habits of fully relying on the Diggs and Allen connection, which does work a lot of the time, but the offense has to get other players involved more. Davis may not be as talented of a player, but Dorsey can draw up some plays that mainly play to his strengths, such as getting open downfield off of play-action.

Other players like James Cook are also effective in the passing game but rarely have passing plays drawn up for them. Rarely have we seen screens drawn up to let him make plays in the open field.

What about the Bills' 25th overall pick Dalton Kincaid? He was drafted high for a reason, which is his receiving ability. He's supposed to be a second receiving threat for Allen and rarely gets opportunities to make plays. Hopefully, Dorsey can utilize the big tight end more when he gets out of concussion protocol.

When facing better defenses down the road, more plays need to be drawn up for other offensive weapons.