Buffalo Bills: 3 ways the offense can bounce back after 2 sluggish weeks

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Let James Cook

Throughout the past two games, James Cook has carried the ball 19 times compared to 44 times in the three games before the Jaguars. The offense struggles when it's one-dimensional and heavily relies on the passing game.

This brings us back to earlier seasons when the Bills were a completely one-dimensional offense, but Allen's running ability, in a way, made the offense two-dimensional. The offense can't keep relying on Allen to be Superman every single game, especially with a quarterback of his caliber, who's been taking a lot of hits in his career.

Allen's hopefully "minor" injury will be a wake-up call for Dorsey and the rest of the staff to game plan and run the ball often, mainly with Cook rather than Latavius Murray.

Murray's rushing attempts were only two less than Cook's, which is questionable given that Cook was the better running back that game, rushing for 71 yards with over 5 YPC on 14 attempts compared to Murray's 45 yards with 3.75 YPC on 12 attempts.