Buffalo Bills: 3 ways to beat the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Ryan Kang/GettyImages
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1.) Let Josh Allen be Josh Allen

While the Josh Allen experience can be a low point in terms of “what are you doing?” moments, it is also an experience of “how in the world did he do that?”. In the wild card round against the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was third down when Allen dropped back in the pocket, scrambled up field and took the ball all the way to the house for a 52 yard rushing touchdown.

When Allen gets going, no one is going to stop him. There is an expectation that when Allen and Mahomes face off against each other, both of these quarterbacks give it their all. The difference between the two is that the Bills have been riding a six game winning streak and it was not all because of Allen. However, when Allen is part of it, the Bills’ offense is almost unstoppable.

Get Allen involved in the run game, draw up the plays to get all of his weapons on the outside involved. Let him be the reason why the Bills could do what seems to be impossible and beat the Chiefs in the playoffs.