Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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Far too many penalties

Buffalo was down 14 and finally putting together a solid drive. I think if they could have gone down and put it in the endzone for six, it would have been the lift the team needed and ignited a fire. Instead, there were costly penalties that completely wiped out the drive.

They had a nice screen play to Deonte Harty for six yards, setting up what should have been a second and four instead, Spencer Brown was flagged for an illegal block. On the next play, Connor McGovern was flagged for a false start. That was followed by a laser from Allen to Diggs for a 35-yard gain but wait, holding call on Brown.

Three straight plays, three straight penalties. Those weren't the only penalties though. All told, the team committed 13 penalties. Now, the good part of this was 12 of those 13 were in the first half, so hopefully they got that out of their system going forward.

Penalties are something teams can clean up, so that's a good thing but for where this team wants to be in January and February, they have to play with better discipline and focus. This team on Saturday did not look like they wanted to be there, unfocused and unmotivated. Let's just hope that's because it was just a preseason game.

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