Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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The offensive line forgot there was a game to play

This conversation is getting old and I hope this game was just an anomaly; however, it's hard to think that way when it seems to be annual thing. The Buffalo Bills offensive line seems to struggle every year, despite constantly adding multiple pieces each year but doesn't seem to get any better.

Let's be clear, I love O'Cyrus Torrence and believe he will be one of the top guards in the NFL in the next year or two. During the draft, he was the one I was most excited about when the Bills picked him in the second round. However, I'm beginning to ask the question, is it time for the Bills to completely blow up this offensive line and start all over, beginning with Torrence?

That's a whole other conversation and can't be done until next off-season anyways. But this line has to be better. Allen was running around too much, and James Cook struggled to find holes and gain any yardage. He had three carries for three yards.

The line played pretty well together last week, and they looked pretty solid in training camp and throughout practices, so the hope is this game will not be the norm but it's hard to take a positive mindset when this seems to be the same conversation, we have every season with the Bills offensive line.