Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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Justin Shorter had a mini-breakout performance

I know it's preseason, we all know that and I'm also aware it was against third and fourth stringers, but I would be concerned if he didn't put up the numbers he did because of that. His 45 receiving yards were the most of any receiver in the game, from either team. He also tied for the game high in receptions with five.

The Buffalo Bills need Shorter to be good, not this year but down the road. Stefon Diggs is not getting younger and he will begin the decline sooner than later. It would be great for this team if, not only Shorter, but the young receivers on this team could step up.

Allen needs to have more weapons he can count on in the years to come and Shorter, along with Davis should be a big part of that. They don't have to necessarily be Diggs caliber but solid receivers that can be counted on when called upon. I think Allen is at that point in his career where he can bring up the play of those around him; however, he like any quarterback needs an offensive line in front of him that can get the job done, which leads us into the bad from this game.