Buffalo Bills 3 up 2 down from their second preseason game

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Josh Allen is ready to rock

I've seen a few fans getting on Allen for the lackluster performance from the offense but I saw a completely different game. He completed seven of his ten passes for 64 yards. He didn't have any touchdowns in the air or on the ground but he also didn't turn the ball over.

His passes were on target and the 35-yarder to Gabe Davis to convert a second and 24, only to have it called back on a holding penalty. He was quick and decisive with his passes and no hesitation. He was on point and looked to be in mid-season form.

My only concern is if the offensive line can't do a better job of protecting him (we'll talk more about the line later), then will Allen begin to lose trust in them? I think that is what happened last season. There were times Allen would leave the pocket earlier than he needed to and I believe it's because that clock in his head was sped up as a result of not trusting the five guys in front of him.