Buffalo Bills: 3 under-the-radar players to watch in Week 4

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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1.) Tim Settle

The front four of the Bills’ defense line, led by Ed Oliver has created pressure consistently this season. However, when Oliver is not on the field, this is where rotational players like Tim Settle and even Poon Ford will have to provide interior pressure.

With Tua not being a great mobile quarterback, if he is forced out of the pocket then the edge rushers in Greg Rousseau and company work their magic by bringing him down. In addition to helping stop the pass, the Miami run game is alive and is coming off a 350 yard performance against the Denver Broncos.

Settle is someone who needs to bring their A-game so that pressure is not put on the starters to make all the plays. If the Bills are able to take away either the pass or the run upfront, it creates more room to breathe on defense. The battle of the trenches between the Bills’ defensive line and Dolphins’ offensive line will be the deciding factor as to who comes out of this game with the win.