Buffalo Bills: 3 under-the-radar players to watch in second preseason game

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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1.) Dalton Kincaid

The young rookie tight end did not see much action last week, but with the starters getting some real playing time against the Steelers, fans can expect Dalton Kincaid to be on the field and show off what he has been doing in training camp.

With Kincaid, it will be nice to see how the connection between him and Josh Allen has grown since the two started in training camp. Maybe he is not necessarily under the radar, but since we have yet to see him in live action, this would be a perfect opportunity to see what he brings to the whole offense. 

Expected to play alongside Dawson Knox for the regular season, this preseason game could show what skills Kincaid has…even if it means him playing in the slot position more than the actual tight end position. He arguably might be the one player that fans may pay attention to the most out of the starters that are expected to play.

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