Buffalo Bills: 3 under-the-radar players who need a big game in Week 3

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills are coming off a much-needed bounce-back game against the Las Vegas Raiders after their ugly outing against the New York Jets. Many players played a surprisingly great game against the Raiders in Week 2 and those players included James Cook, Spencer Brown, Ed Oliver, Damien Harris, and even Latavis Murray.

However, some other players are due for a big game. This game could be coming up against the Washington Commanders on Sunday.

3 under-the-radar players on the Buffalo Bills who need big games against the Washington Commanders

Dalton Kincaid

Kincaid is coming off a decent game against the Raiders, where he hauled in five receptions on six targets for 43 yards, 17 of those yards coming after the catch. Everyone knows that Kincaid has a high upside in the receiving category, which is why the Bills traded up to the 25th spot to grab him in the 2023 draft.

Kincaid was talked highly about in training camp, where fans and reporters said that Kincaid was a consistent target and developing chemistry with Allen early on. So far, in two games, we haven't seen much of that chemistry that was shined upon, but there's no doubt the rookie has talent.

Kincaid has natural receiving ability and is viewed as more of a bigger slot receiver than a tight end. That doesn't mean the rookie doesn't get dirty and block with effort, and he's shown that against the Raiders. 

Yet, the rookie has seen only 60% of snaps against the Raiders but also got more targets and receptions compared to his first game against the New York Jets. In the game against Las Vegas, the Bills utilized short pass plays to get the ball out quickly and avoid the Raiders' pass rush from getting to Allen. 

The Bills will probably game-plan a similar way against the Commanders due to their strong defensive line. However, the Bills may want to involve the rookie a little more as games go on and form more of that Allen-to-Kincaid chemistry.

The Bills offense needs more consistent targets for Allen to rely on rather than just Diggs. Due to Kincaid having a high upside in the receiving category, as well as showing some flashes of brilliance during camp, the Bills would want to develop more of that chemistry with Allen and be able to utilize him more in the future.

The Bills will likely utilize RPOs and quick pass plays to slant and flat routes, which involved Kincaid a little more, meaning Kincaid will probably get a few targets from those plays alone.

Allen may start testing Kincaid if he's matched up in one-on-one situations where Kincaid can either outrun a linebacker or use his 6'4 ft, 240 lb frame to win a jump ball against a safety or a corner. If Kincaid wins a few of those early, Allen will look his way a lot more and give opposing defenses more players to worry about.