Buffalo Bills: 3 things the Bills need to do to beat the Commanders

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Keep utilizing quick passes

Ken Dorsey and the Bills offense utilized the quick-pass game a lot against Las Vegas, which was very effective. This was done with the concern in the offensive line not being able to contain Maxx Crosby, but that ended up not being a concern, as Allen did what he wanted almost every drop-back.

Focusing on Crosby, drawing up double teams, and helping Spencer Brown have all been helpful in containing the star pass rusher. Not to mention, Brown also won a lot of one-on-one matchups as well.

Yet, this upcoming game is a different story because players defensive linemen like Chase Young, Montez Sweat, and Jonathan Allen have all combined for four and a half sacks in two games, so there will be multiple threats on the line of scrimmage instead of just one.

The offense will want to make sure those players don't take over a game like they have the potential to do, so when implementing the passing game, it's very likely that a lot of those passes will be RPOs, quick slants, and quick throws to the flats.

If the offense keeps Allen clean and utilizes multiple weapons, there's almost no doubt that the Bills can score efficiently. The defense will also have to utilize ways to get to the quarterback, stop the run, and find ways to keep the ball out of the Commanders' playmakers.