Buffalo Bills: 3 things the Bills need to do to beat the Commanders

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Run the ball

The Bills' best player on offense is undoubtedly Josh Allen, but it's crucial to keep defenders off him as much as possible. Due to the Bills' weakness in their o-line, and going against a front four like Washington's, they may struggle to protect Allen in the backfield on lots of pass plays.

The entire offense did a good job with the run game against the Raiders, yet when going against a talented defense like the Commanders, the likelihood of those results replicating is low. The Bills did a great job against the Raiders keeping the run game involved as James Cook, Damien Harris and Latavius Murray were all a factor in that game.

Yet, keeping the Bills' offense two-dimensional will help spread out the field take some pressure off of Allen, and help him play more comfortably.