Buffalo Bills: 3 things the Bills need to do to beat the Commanders

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills need to contain offensive threats

The Bills' defensive game plan probably won't change much, as they know the Commanders' run game is pretty dangerous with Robinson in the backfield, and based on Josh Jacob's -2-yard rushing performance, there's a good chance that the defense may be able to contain Robinson. 

Howell has also looked good throughout the past weeks and has some talented weapons at the helm. Howell's been accurate with only two turnovers but does take some unwanted sacks, one of them resulting in a fumble return for a touchdown against the Cardinals. 

The main thing the Bills' defense needs to do this weekend is to control the line of scrimmage, pressure the second-year quarterback, and stop Robinson from making plays. Controlling the line of scrimmage will also take some pressure off the Bills' corners who've looked very rusty so far.