Buffalo Bills: 3 things to look for from Kyle Allen in first preseason game

Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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1.) Command of the offense

There is an argument that a quarterback on an NFL team is the most important position in sports. They have to know their job, their teammates’ jobs, have the ability to read a defense and make the necessary adjustments on the go. Part of being in a good position on the field is taking command of the offense and having the confidence.

This does not mean the offense needs to score on every drive, but Allen will be tested to see how well he can take control of the huddle and how well he can read the field. 

Allen has the opportunity to show that if something were to ever happen to Josh, the offense can be in good hands moving forward. The backup quarterback has to have the same confidence and ability to take control of the offense. With the supporting cast that Allen may have during the game, he should be able to build confidence as the game goes on.