Buffalo Bills: 3 things to look for from Kyle Allen in first preseason game

Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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2.) Will the playbook stay the same or change?

When Josh is behind center, the offense is able to have endless plays that can be utilized. This first test for Kyle Allen will show the offensive coaching staff whether or not the playbook can stay the same or if there needs to be changes.

When it comes to changes, this could include changing the routes, playing keep away rather than launching the ball down the field, or even utilizing the run game more. If the starting quarterback for a team ever goes down, the backup is supposed to help keep the continuity of the offense. 

If Allen is not able to keep up with the expected offense that Dorsey is looking to run for this season, how will this overall affect the offensive morale? While Allen does not have the same skill set as Josh, the plays that are designed for the starting offense should remain intact rather than trying to simplify it and limit the production.