Buffalo Bills: 3 things to look for from Kyle Allen in first preseason game

Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers
Buffalo Bills v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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3.) Distribution of the ball and responding to pressure

Aside from Diggs, Allen should have a surrounding cast of the rest of the starters that includes Dawson Knox and Gabriel Davis. There should also be a run game that Allen can rely on to help set up the pass.

Focusing more on the pass-attack, Ken Dorsey and the coaching staff should observe where Allen places the ball and who he goes to. This ranges from simple dump-offs to a security blanket option, to even throwing it long down the sideline. Along with the projected starters, Allen will also be able to get the role players like Trent Sherfield, Deonte Harty, Justin Shorter, and maybe even Andy Isabella involved in the offense. 

When it comes to the pressure, the offensive line will be tested with a pass rush, but how will Allen respond to a potential pocket collapse? When adversity hits, the quarterback has to find a way to push through it or find a way to avoid it if possible.

The big plays can be made when under pressure, which is something that Josh Allen is able to do. The coaching staff and Bills fans should look to see if Kyle can do the same, or come close to it at least.