Buffalo Bills: 3 things to change under Joe Brady as offensive coordinator

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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An Established Flow on Offense

This season, the Bills have had zero type of gameplay flow and it has been a big part of their slow starts, and now ineptitude. It truly does feel like Dorsey just had his play sheet, would call a play, and say, “Okay Josh, go make it happen.” Outside of two-minute drills, it seems like there was no gameplay dictation to his calls, which has resulted in stopping the offense from just flowing like we’ve seen in years past.

It feels like there was no reason for certain play calls, no calls to establish certain aspects, and no game plan to attack a defense’s weaknesses. Another knock, the route concepts were just bland and not creative in Dorsey’s offense. Players not named Stefon Diggs have failed to consistently get open, and while it’s not all on him, a large part of it is Dorsey’s failure to scheme people open. The Bills offense has been playing two defenses every week, the opposing team, and themselves.

Josh Allen is at his best when he starts off hot and his confidence is up, that’s when he gets rolling. With no flow this year, Allen hasn’t been able to settle in and be the best version of himself. Sean McDermott says he is searching for the offense to have an energy about them, that they have not had this season. The team knows they need to get Allen rolling if they want this season to change and they need to do it fast. With a change in play calling they’re hoping Brady can spark that flow.

Again, Brady has had a front-row seat to see what has not worked for Dorsey this year. His promotion is career-changing, if he can pull this off he will either be Buffalo’s coordinator or will get a real shot at being one for another team. Brady is a smart man and knows this, he’s going to be up night and day trying to figure it out. Essentially, he’s been handed the keys to a nice Ferrari with an engine that isn't functioning properly. He has to strip it down and figure out why the engine isn’t working to its fullest. He can reap the rewards in seven weeks' time or be stuck with a broken car.