Buffalo Bills: 3 things to change under Joe Brady as offensive coordinator

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Joe Brady should let Josh Allen play free and it will open things up

The Buffalo Bills offense has felt extremely handcuffed this year. You can just feel the tension from what used to be a high-flying and loose offense. A large part of that has been the team’s decision to limit Josh Allen's running to preserve him. That has taken away the freedom of the league’s best dual-threat quarterback and the offense as a whole has suffered. Brady and Allen reportedly have a very good relationship, and they work together closely every day. He is bound to know what Allen is comfortable doing and what puts him in the best position to succeed.

One of the reasons Dorsey was relieved of his duties was because he flat out was just not putting players in the correct position to succeed. Yes, he doesn’t tell Josh to throw interceptions into blanketed coverage or tell receivers to drop passes, but it is all a trickle-down effect of not being used to the correct ability. The Bills have reverted from a vertical attacking offense to a bland and horizontal one.

Josh Allen’s arguably greatest strength is the arm talent and deep passing ability he possesses and I can’t remember the last time the Bills completed a deep pass. With Brady in charge now, we know he’s going to attack through the air. He was the passing game coordinator and co-offensive coordinator at LSU when Joe Burrow had statistically the greatest season in college football history. Two years later, he was fired by Matt Rhule in Carolina because he refused to listen to Rhule and run the ball more, as he continued his aerial assault offense. Some fans have been leary of Sean McDermott trying to force Dorsey to run the ball more, Brady won’t do that.

There were no easy plays, no easy layups for Josh Allen in Dorsey’s offensive system. Brady can scheme guys open, and return the Bills to their vertical attacking ways. Plus, you can bet money he’s going to unleash Josh Allen in all facets. Brady is coaching for his long-term return as an offensive coordinator and he’s going to use everything at his disposal to that, including a top-four quarterback in the NFL.