Buffalo Bills: 3 things to change under Joe Brady as offensive coordinator

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Buffalo Bills' Offense will Need to be Less Predictable

If one thing has killed the Buffalo Bills' offense as much as it has this season, it is predictability. Against the Broncos, the Buffalo Bills ran the same play and concept multiple times, and the Broncos knew the play every single time.

It’s not just this season, it’s last year as well. When the Bills lost their heartbreaker to the Vikings, Patrick Peterson picked off Josh Allen to end the game. Peterson appeared on the All Things Covered podcast and explained that he was able to make the play because he knew exactly what was coming. He detailed the two possible plays he knew it was going to be.

Once Gabe Davis ran the route he recognized, he knew the play and came up with the interception. This season has been far worse with predictability. ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky, who has been all over the Bills and Dorsey this season with great coverage, called the Bills the easiest offense to game plan against.

While already 10 weeks into the season, Joe Brady can not simply blow up the entire offense and implement his own system; he will have to work with this system, but work off of it and implement his solutions. However, he needs to and should recognize that this offense is way too predictable and needs to disguise things better.

The good news is he was up close and personal to seeing what Dorsey was doing that wasn’t working and got him fired, which should be something he can build off of.