Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Week 16 vs. Los Angeles Chargers is a trap game

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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1.) The Chargers are unknown moving forward

What kind of team will the Chargers be moving forward without Staley? They were known as a team that made careless mistakes in critical moments that have cost them games the last three seasons. Now they have that reputation, as well as multiple injuries to players on both sides of the ball. Giff Smith, the linebackers coach, will take over as the interim head coach for the remainder of the season. 

A new coaching change is scary for an opposing team because everything could change for the team that has a new interim head coach. What will be their main focus? Do they know of any hidden gems that the prior head coach was not using?

While the Chargers do not have a ton of talent on the field due to injury, this is a chance for the next man up to make a statement and what better way to do it than against a Bills team that made a statement themselves last week? The Bills need to prepare for this game like they would with every game and play Buffalo football.

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