Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Von Miller does not need to rush back for Week 1

Even though the addition of Von Miller earlier than expected would be great, there is no need to rush him before he is truly ready.
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1.) Don’t force the healing process

The situation that happened with Miller in the 2022 season, was almost identical with what happened with Bills’ cornerback Tre’Davious White. On Thanksgiving in 2021, the Bills were in New Orleans facing the Saints and in a blowout win, White suffered a torn ACL and did not return until later in the 2022 season. While there was speculation of White returning later than expected, Miller’s approach to his torn ACL is quite the opposite. 

Leading up to training camp for the Bills, Miller was placed on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list like most people may have expected. Miller has been seen working on the sidelines and going through his own drills to stay ready. While the passion is there and the work is being put in to suit up early on for the season, there is no need to rush the healing process.

The human body can only heal if it is not pushed all the time. Even though Miller is still trying to make the push to get on the field, there has to be caution that is taken to make sure Miller doesn’t push it too far. It seems like Miller will return to the Bills earlier than White did last season, but the Bills should make sure they have their star edge rusher at full health later on in the season.