Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Sean McDermott will be head coach in 2024

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1.) Continuity in the building with a star quarterback

The successful organizations in the NFL have stability at the important positions within the building. They have their general manager, head coach, and quarterback without disorganization. Up until this season, there has not been an issue at any of the positions. However, both McDermott and Allen are part of a “blame-o-meter” for the teams’ struggles this season.

There is no denying that. At the same time, continuity is crucial for an organization and the Bills have built it up since McDermott arrived. The team was cleaned up in McDermott’s first season and they still made the playoffs. Then they drafted their eventual franchise quarterback and have provided stability with him.

The issue that the Bills have been facing is the presence around Allen when it comes to calling the offensive plays. When Brian Daboll was the offensive coordinator, Allen was in the conversation as the MVP of the league with his dynamic abilities. Since his departure, it has been limited but there is only so much that McDermott can do as far as the development of Allen. The decision to fire Dorsey may have been a scapegoat move, but Dorsey was handed the keys to a powerful offense and it failed and shows no sign of life moving forward.

McDermott made the decision to change it up and give Joe Brady a chance, someone who has been around Allen this season and last season. Continuity makes all the difference for development. Go ask Baker Mayfield and his time in Cleveland when he was adjusting to a new head coach and offensive coordinator frequently.