Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons Leonard Floyd was an excellent signing

Buffalo Bills, Leonard Floyd
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Reason 2 why the Buffalo Bills signing Leonard Floyd was an excellent move: Could give Buffalo future options

Looking at a couple of the Bills' current edge rushers, you first look at Rousseau, who is entering this third season. Hopefully, he breaks out like many are predicting him to do. However, if he doesn't, the Bills need to start forward thinking.

Boogie Basham is also a free agent after the 2024 season, and he could very well continue to be a good rotational player. But, there's always the chance that another team overpays him as a starter type once his contract is up. The other possibility with someone like Basham is that the Bills could trade him or cut him, should they want to give Floyd another deal going forward and creating a trio of he, Miller and Rousseau going into the coming couple of years.

Shaq Lawson is only under contract for this coming season, meanwhile, and he could be the odd man out if the Bills wanted to keep the four aforementioned players, Floyd included.

Should Floyd have a solid season in Buffalo, and the Bills contend for a Super Bowl, Beane would have to seriously consider keeping him around and unleashing the three-headed pass rushing monster he has created.