Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Khalil Shakir will have success in 2023

Will Khalil Shakir be able to take the next step forward in 2023?
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3.) Development is on Shakir’s side

One of the main focuses with head coach Sean McDermott is development within. If you were to take a look at all of the players that Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have drafted since 2018, the Bills seem to have a philosophy to believe in their own guys and develop them as the best as they can be.

Now that Shakir has a year under his belt, he knows what the offense is like and how the system works. Other players that just joined the Bills this past offseason will have to play catchup. 

The great thing that Shakir has on his side is that since he was a fifth round draft pick, there are not a ton of spotlights on him. This gives him an advantage to work his way up and keep developing.

Even if Shakir is not a starter right out of the tunnel in MetLife in Week one, he is still young enough to keep developing and gaining trust from Allen. Gaining trust from Allen means Shakir will see the field more and be able to capitalize on his opportunities.