Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Khalil Shakir will have success in 2023

Will Khalil Shakir be able to take the next step forward in 2023?

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2.) Serving as a potential security blanket

When the Bills offense is facing a third-down in which they need to move the chains through the air, it is important to have a go-to guy to secure a first down. The Bills have different options at wide receiver who could be in the slot to serve as the security blanket for quarterback Josh Allen.

Now some people might say that Dawson Knox or Dalton Kincaid could serve in that type of role. However, Shakir has an opportunity to secure that role in 2023. 

Standing at 6 feet tall, Shakir could be placed in the slot to run the quick routes on short yardage plays. Although, with his skill set, he would also be able to play in the slot and maybe switch out with Kincaid (who is more of a receiver than a solidified tight end).

If Shakir is able to impress coaches at training camp, this might be his best shot to increase production in 2023.