Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons Gabe Davis will be even better in 2023

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Reason No. 1: Ken Dorsey will be better in year 2 as the Buffalo Bills OC

Last season, the Buffalo Bills offense was nothing short of electric in the year's first half. Things were looking great in the post-Brian Daboll era in Buffalo, until the bye week. The offense just fluttered out of their early season magic.

While an elbow injury to Josh Allen played a part as he toughed through it for the year, there were other components to it as well. A significant factor was the lack of adjustments by first-year signal caller, Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey is a known offensive genius, there's no doubt about that. His first-time offensive coordinator hiccups hurt the Buffalo Bills, who were gunning for a Super Bowl. Relating to Gabe Davis, part of his struggles last season was the lack of creativity to get him open. Some of the designs and flow of play calls just didn't put players like Davis in the best position to succeed.

Teams played a two-high safety defense to force the Bills into short passing opportunities. If you watched the games last season, the short passing game was flat-out bad at times. It really hurt Davis, who does his damage in the middle of the field and on deep passes.

Now heading into his second year as offensive coordinator, there should be no doubt that Ken Dorsey will be better. He will have an entire off-season to adjust and work with his guys, to improve upon last season.

The biggest part of it is that he will know how to better place his players in positions to succeed. The evolution of Dorsey will bring about a better Gabe Davis and improve the Bills' offense as a whole.